What could the clear fluid not water dripping at the front passenger side of a 2016 Audi a3 be coming from?

What could the clear fluid not water dripping at the front passenger side of a 2016 Audi a3 be coming from?

The other day I reached down to grab a wire off my floor mat it was actually my cell phone charge cable and notice the top of my floor mat was wet and I looked underneath it and it soaked underneath this car has gotten some water and it seems to be only on the passenger side of the car now this is a 1999 Town Car.

2016 Audi a3
2016 Audi A3

I guess would probably be similar to the Mercury’s and a Crown Victorias of the seventh general year but I first thought wow I wonder if my my air conditioner you know condenser is leaking or door seal or something but the the seals on my doors look like brand-new and everything fits tight so I was pretty sure that it wasn’t an issue here and then sometimes the the drain holes on the bottom of the doors clogged up but these are fine and I said I really haven’t been using the air conditioner much.

I know it does come on when heaters on but it’s just at the time of season and it has rained a little bit and I thought I’d bet you anything that is coming in somewhere from around the window area.

So I got online I did a little bit of research and what I found out was that sometimes when it rains it gets into this container here which is designed to do but there’s a drain down here in this drain it’s actually just got like a little rubber one-way valve flat go around.

It will try to pick that up you can see in it but sometimes that gets clogged up with leaves and other debris and causes this to fill up with water and when it fills up it spills into the air intake there’s a fresh air intake so that when you vent your car inside for your climate control that fresh air intake takes air from the outside puts it inside the cabin and that intake is under this grill so I thought well that makes pretty good sense but mine is not clogged up.

I could see some dirt and debris in here but it’s not clogged up so I took this cally knopf or whatever you want to call it and it’s pretty simple there’s just a screw that would be here and there’s a screw in the corner and then the whole thing just kind of works off pull that off I got looking inside.

I do have some debris on the air intake but that has nothing to do with the water where the water is coming in is the water is coming in behind the windshield behind this piece of plastic and they’re supposed to be and this one had one and we’ll get that in a second a seal that goes all the way around this hole so that if water does get in behind here.

And it will it cannot get into this cavity it just runs underneath this container and into the engine compartment out on the road so I went and got a can of water and I just poured it right on top of the windshield and I could I could see it.

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It was running in pretty pretty quick right around right around here so I took this apart and and pulled it apart and you can see how this is made so on this this piece here there’s some screws down in the hole over here and there’s a couple of nuts that sit on these and then this thing just kind of lifts off and you can get it out of the way and then what you can see as you can see the intake for the new event where the air comes in at and.

I see some debris Dennard will clean that up but there should have been a seal on the bottom of this this is the backside that piece of plastic and that seal runs all the way around here okay now on mind it was so disintegrated that it just virtually just fell apart I didn’t have any profit all getting the old crusty seal off but it was shot route the car is 18 years old.

So it’s expected but you get on line and a lot of people are using our TV and they’re using silicone and I just don’t think that’s the right way to do it I think we need to replace this seal and that’s what we’re going to do today we’re going to replace the seal with something that will hold up hopefully even better than what the manufacturer used.

This is what we’re going to replace that seal or gasket with this is a type of rubber it’s a foam rubber it’s resilient oils and water it can handle quite a bit of heat so it is in  the engine compartment I’m going to get a lot of heat where it’s at but it’ll get some and this actually might be a little better than what the manufacturer provided for this car.

I’ll put a link down in the description so you get a little more information on this and if I could find a place to buy it I’ll put a link down there as well.

2016 Audi a3 The seal used can be found here: http://amzn.to/2ohmC3N

Okay so we’ve just did a peel and stick we cleaned up the backside really well and just followed it all around the edges of this this hole and now we’re ready to put it back together now one important thing is this sits like this so this is the top near the windshield so you’re going to make sure your seam is on the bottom because the rain is going to come from the top of the windshield and run down so if your seam is down in the bottom it’s less likely to have a problem and it won’t leave because your rainwater is going to be coming this direction not this direction however that being said.

audi a3 2016

I cut it a little longer so and taped it down so there’s pressure coming together on the joint so it’s pretty tight but when you squish this down it’s going to seal but if it were not the bottom would be where you would want that seal and that’s where we’re going to stick it on this side up towards the front of the engine back here is where the water is going to come in.

Now we’ve put the bolts in and you can see the seal is squished around all around the edges we’re just going to pour some water up here and see that leaks and I see no leaks which is exactly what we want so we’ve officially fixed the leak we put all the parts and pieces back and now this car is ready for hopefully another 18 years and maybe more

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