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Pakistan Day Parade is an annual event held in Shakarparian in Islamabad, Pakistan’s capital on the occasion of Pakistan Day known as the National Day Joint Services Parade. This is especially celebrating the anniversary of Lahore Resolution 1940. Pakistan is overseen by the Prime Minister with the President of Pakistan.

Pakistan Day
Pakistan Day Parade

Two Staff Committee Chairman accompanied by foreign guests as well as the Joint Chiefs (JCSC), Army Chief of Staff, Chief of Naval Staff, Air Force Chief of Staff. It is organized by the Headquarters Joint Staff (JS HQ).

Between its inception and 2008, the parade was held in different places of the country. These include Constitution Avenue, Jinnah Avenue Grounds Race Course in Rawalpindi. Two weeks before the parade was in 1980, during the ceremony, Major General Mohammad Zia tajm assassination of President Hussein of the country’s plot was foiled.

The parade led to increasing amounts of terror in the country was suspended for an extended period and there was fear that the attack on the parade.

After 7-year break, it was reconstituted in 2015 on the occasion of the 75th anniversary. It has been decided with the anniversary of the military part of the operation’s success.

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However, as a precaution, the phone networks can trigger the bomb that militants had been blocked to thwart militant cell signals.

80th anniversary parade was canceled due to the outbreak of the corona virus in Pakistan in 2020, was trying to fall away from infectious diseases with the cancellation.

During the closing parade rehearsal, RFE crashed in the Pakistani Air Force Wing Commander Forest area 16 jet flying.

March 13, 2020, and will be dispatched to honor the pilot through March 13 PAF in the form of a missing person. 2021 parade was postponed due to “bad weather and rain season” and it was scheduled for March 25.


The event is broadcast live as morning begins at 10 and quickly it through the media. Parade, is representing the Pakistani armed forces service: Army, Navy, Air Force and paramilitary forces. And president of the senior officer leading parade parade honors Army unit commander.Headed by distracting color guard, parade included the 24th Cavalry (Frontier Force), Guard Battalion and the Pakistan Rangers unit.

The military parade was hoisted them are exposed type 84 and SLC-2. Syrdyl take part in the annual ceremony of PAF Academy Risalpur, which was demonstrated at Aero baytks.

The planes used by the group, hangdu is being presented for display in the parade JL 1994 -8. Other planes in the Red AC / PAC JF-17 Thunder has also been unveiled. Armed Forces who have joined Pakistan Military Academy Band band (PMA band), Pakistan and the Pakistan Air Force Band of the Armed Forces Band.

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