Biden calls congressional rally behind Ukraine, Putin says “I don’t know what’s going to happen”

US President Joe Biden attacked Russian President Vladimir Putin, blocked Russian flights from US airspace, and in a rare demonstration of unity between Democratic and Republican lawmakers on Tuesday in a State of the Union speech over Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Led.

Biden urged Democrats and Republicans to “let each of us come if you are able to stand up, stand up and send a clear signal to Ukraine and the world.”

Legislators who are deeply divided over taxes, voting rights and gun protection stood together to praise Ukraine, with many waving Ukrainian flags and cheering in the House of Representatives. Several female members of Congress wore yellow and blue flags.

In a deviation from his prepared remarks, Biden said of Putin: “He has no idea what’s coming.”

Biden sought to reshuffle his presidency after a first year in office, marking trillions of dollars in rapid economic growth and new programs, but was alarmed by the highest inflation in 40 years and a long-running Corona virus epidemic.

The annual speech in Congress prompted Biden to try to increase his sluggish turnout amid sharp warnings to advance his agenda, reassure troubled Americans and warn his fellow Democrats of losses in the November congressional election. Provided a platform.

The compliments from both parties signaled a return to tradition for Washington. Two years ago, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was so disgusted with then-President Donald Trump’s speech that he claimed to protect healthcare insurance that he tore his copy to pieces behind his back.

“The state of the union is strong – because you, the American people, are strong,” Biden said. “We are stronger today than we were a year ago.”

The United States and its allies have imposed sanctions on Putin and his inner circle against Russia’s economy and financial system. Biden announced that the United States would join other countries in banning Russian flights from US airspace.

The crisis forced Biden, whose withdrawal from Afghanistan from the chaos last year was widely criticized, reshaped the speech to focus on uniting Americans around global efforts to punish Moscow and support Kyiv.


He slammed Putin, saying the Kremlin leader had misjudged how events would unfold and that “now Russia’s economy is collapsing and Putin alone is responsible.”

“He thought he could go to Ukraine and the world would collapse. Instead, he met a wall of power he had never imagined. He met the people of Ukraine,” he said.”From President Zelensky to every Ukrainian, his fearlessness, his courage, his determination, affects the world.”

In a speech in support of Ukraine, First Lady Jill Biden addressed the speech as the special guest, Oksana Markarova, Ukraine’s ambassador to the United States, who traveled from the White House to Capitol Hill in Biden’s motorcade.

Biden has been battling rising inflation over the Russian crisis and has been attacked by Republicans who have accused him of allowing it to spiral out of control. He called on companies to build more cars and semiconductors in the United States to reduce their reliance on US imports.

Syria was not free from its prejudiced moments. Two far-right Republican lawmakers, Lauren Boebert and Marjorie Taylor Green, chanted “Build a wall” to express their displeasure with Biden’s immigration policy. “Sit down,” shouted a Democratic lawmaker.

Biden and his fellow Democrats face the possibility of losing control of the US House of Representatives and Senate in the November 8 midterm elections. An increase in Biden’s approval rating could help stem the tide and strengthen his chances of improving his agenda.

Americans’ approval of Biden’s response to the Russian attack increased over the past week, with 43 percent saying they would approve it in a Reuters / Epsus poll to be completed on Tuesday, up from 34 percent last week However, some 47% denied Biden’s response to the crisis, and his overall popularity has remained close to the bottom of his presidency in recent weeks.

The minister said Ukraine would receive more missiles and Turkish drones.

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