Crazy Bus staff involved with the woman Assault viral video is a video that can reduce harassment of women in Pakistan?

Bus staff involved with the woman’s viral video is a video that can reduce harassment of women in Pakistan?

Numerous incidents of harassment of women in the past few days on the Pakistan social media are discussed and a new video recently during all this has come to the fore, which are involved with a female bus staff are accused of threatening to harass them.

The BBC has confirmed this to contact the admin of the Facebook page on which it was shared, he confirmed that this is a recent video.

The incident in the future regardless of the fact that the subject of ongoing debate on social media has given rise to many new questions.

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Where some users say that women use for sexual harassment card to your interests, if there are several users questioned in the sexual harassment.

Where there is a large number of consumers say they are ignoring the cases of false accusations of harassment has strongly condemned the behavior of the woman in this video.

She wrote a user called ‘people facing harassment on the girls because these girls really will not believe. “

Ryuna wrote a user named ‘98% of women have experienced harassment and other women like them because only 2% to 98% will be considered invalid. “

Another user wrote, “women are the victim of harassment, but women ‘does not do justice to the victims because of you, I will make every harassment case.

Solar Nusrat user wrote, “is the easiest way to evade harassment of women. Those who make our laws have made it much easier to Kevin. Be realistic. Let it not be the game to gain sympathy and reputation.

Perfection is written Ramen has always rejected the cases of degradation caused by such incidents.
Absa supple journalist wrote: “This is harassing female officers on duty that is reprehensible.
Chastity wrote a user can not use it because they are harassing female hrasmnt card itself.

“Given a video injustice examine the matter”

Lahore University of feel Management Sciences (LUMS) we often have men look for business on social media sector, says teacher Nida Kirmani connected sociology that women depreciation to use such a card, but it all wrong Is.

"If the number of such women is very low so that it is never misused. Most women suffer degradation are not talking about it. She does not say anything out of fear because our culture that when a woman says that she does not believe you have been harassed and blamed them are upside down.

I understand that not just Pakistan Kirmani announced that it would use the female degradation that has become a trend.
He said the Egyptians to campaign because so many women now are more afraid to speak to some men because it is a challenge because of patriarchal thinking. That is why he says that harassment is used as a card that is absolutely wrong.

OSCE launches campaign against gender-based violence in Bulgaria, Hungary  and Romania - Emerging Europe | Intelligence, Community, News

We got to talk to journalists his opinion on the matter Tanzeela phenomenon. Tanzeela indicator says that we see examples of abuse every law in Pakistan.

“Even on a state level, governments also cut the wrong things at the wrong paper or pressing to defeat your opponents. In Pakistan there is no law which are not misused and that they will also use the law to women.

But he said it’s unfair to examine the matter in view of a video.
Gender-based prejudice in Pakistan has grown up with us, our whole society examines the issue through the prism of prejudice. No violence cases on domestic violence, sexual violence against women and children in Pakistan is far lacked something, but it does not mean that there are no such cases in Pakistan.

Speaking about this, he said that keeping in view the video degradation that it is completely wrong to use the law in Pakistan, ‘This is injustice.
He said this should be seen in the context of the argument without intolerance in our society.
When a woman comes to the matter we are the first to attack these requirements and demands of women who are trying to establish a struggle for Pakistan.

Tanzeela it was also stressed that the victims of sexual harassment, women should fight rather than remain silent due to any pressure.
He says the fight against the degradation is very important to fight for these issues is your victory.

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