How did Yusuf Khan of Peshawar become Dilip Kumar of India? Actor Dilip Kumar, Died at the age of 98.

Dilip Kumar
Yusuf Khan Known as Dilip Kumar

Split apart for the fans July 7 in India before the recent Pakistan’s Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province capital Legendary bid born with the name of Yusuf Khan in Peshawar actor Dilip Kumar, 98 years old forever.

Yusuf Khan was born eight years ago a handsome STIHL Peshawar big family and named Yusuf Khan.

Ghulam Sarwar Khan who fruit business, 12 were children whose father Joseph was the fourth number. Yusuf Khan was just six years old when his father moved the family to Mumbai, the Indian subcontinent was not until the partition.

After the Mumbai transition from Peshawar where he was educated in schools and colleges, in wartime father’s business, he has a place due to loss of jobs, but luck was probably something else.

Suddenly, one day he met the famous actress and Bombay Talkies was fashioned from dyuyka queen who assured him that the offer of becoming an actor with an annual salary of 500 rupees to 200 rupees increase with precious.

Dyuyka think Yusuf Khan name on a romantic hero suit, so he said the three Asma Jahangir, wausau Dev and Dilip Kumar who suggested he make a last name.

Yusuf thought the name was the best in the sense that his identity could not be revealed to his conservative father, who called everyone associated with cinema a gimmick.

A chance meeting changed the way of acting in the same film changed his life but this meeting.

Joseph’s preferred style adopted for communication in daily life rather than acting style of theater, after which other actors began to imitate them.

He worked in only 63 films in 53 years between 1997 to 1944, but also the character who, in the shield ourselves. As if he was playing guitar in a scene from the film Kohinoor He trained as a guitar teacher exclusively for the coloring of your character.

The film was part of the leg when the driver in a new era, he spent some time with people from the profession on the job to learn from the people’s lives and the way they work with.

Raj Kapoor, Dev Anand and Dilip G is sometimes called a contemporary actor but can not deny the fact that his master was not as versatile and versatile.

Kapoor commonly used in the style of Charlie and Dev Anand were despite being old could not get out of the magic of youth and play a similar role.

Dilip Kumar before Ganga Jamuna one where they produced the play a public role in the movie is also another side to it much more easily this great actor of the subcontinent the immortal character of Prince Salim in the film Mughal-e-Azam I love the creature goes crazy slam into the Emperor time, the film Madhu Bala had also proved a brilliant performance.

The romantic character comedy,

and awarded Kumar immortalized it is replicated to the role, the Indian government stunning and unprecedented act of recognition while the India’s biggest film awards in 1995. “Dada Saheb Phalke Award” Pakistan government was also awarded the highest civilian honor, the second Indian to win the Morarji Desai.

Very few people know that Kumar had taken the step in the decade of the first 60 on Pakistani territory when their aircraft due to a technical error when London had to stay in Karachi, the VIP occasion was held in the lounge.

Chief Protocol Officer relief Nawab Sahib cthrany left sitting there alone and all these fans at the airport, including the Nawab’s daughter had surrounded them.

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The two staff members were suspended without open lounge seniors However, he was later reinstated.

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