The Best Criteria To Assess Your Kids’ Best Fit For College In 2021.

The Best Criteria

What’s the truest way to assess your kids best fit for college. We’re going to talk about the best criteria except that they’re unmeasurable.

So we end up being back to where we started that the u.s news ranking is probably the best way to judge your post-college prospects. A decent way to judge the learning that will happen in college.

Decent not great if you can do these measurements you will be better off number one peer quality the type of kid that attends that college is this student on the whole ambitious accomplished fun there’s no criteria for that.

The Best Criteria

The closest you get for accomplished is an sat score problem is over the last this is mid-21 and once again colleges
have a high number of tests optional for the sats and the sku.

Now will be at a test optional college very high scores are almost irrelevant when they report their average because their average might be based on just 20 percent of the kids who they accept that have submitted scores
and of course they’re going to be submitting very high scores.

So it really doesn’t tell you about the average precovid this was a good criterion now it’s a very difficult criterion and maybe because there’s kind of a legacy value that there’s still some juniors and seniors at the college that your freshman is about to enter into that were admitted based highly on an sat or an act score.

That may have a lasting impact if you want to assess the bonds the kids form that’s pretty hard to do too there’s no rating agency for that but there is one big distinction.

A commuter school or a largely commuter school it’s very hard for kids to form the same bonds as when they’re on campus with one another 24/7 dining together on athletic fields together in dormitories together as well as in class.

So if there’s a choice there you can be assured that bonds of kids are going to be a lot stronger and is that important post college yeah alumni networks still play a big role.

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That hiring people usually outside of the hr process but when corporations staff somebody without a job even being posted it’s because oh that girl knew another girl from her days in the sorority and brought her in so that still exists.

It exists even more so in smaller elite colleges so there’s a lien towards that as being a good career move.

It would be nice if there were good statistics measuring earnings post college and if they do do that they have to go probably 10 years 15 years.

20 years out because the first year earnings are almost irrelevant when a good chunk of kids will have negative earnings they’re going to go off to grad school or they’ll volunteer for the peace corps.

But once you’re at 10 years out things even out a little bit more it still would not be a fair comparison school by school but it might be a good comparison department by department does.

The mineralogy department at university of texas produce big earners as much as the mineralogy department of
colorado school of mines or those happen to be two very good ones because the oil sector the energy sector pays quite well so can you compare the physics department of carnegie mellon to the physics department of georgia tech to the physics department of caltech.

That could weigh fairly well unfortunately those studies the only ones i’ve seen are quite old and they weren’t in my mind really well done.

So you still might be able to discern ah a bunch of older kids they’re five years out of college and they’re now successful investment bankers from that university or successful lab they’re running laboratories in the sciences from x university or they are successful entrepreneurs from z university that’s again not going to be scientific.

But since nothing is it might be worth latching on to could your kid get into the same stream of success as those who started 10 years ago and now five six years later they’re doing really well in a field that you could see your kid since this is admittedly immeasurable and is probably a crapshoot even if it is measurable.

Because what does well for one kid the next dorm room over could be miserable for another kid horrible roommate bad circumstances and you end up with a not so good experience i will say for overcoming a crisis and in a four-year college career your 18 to 22 year old probably will have one or more crises.

It’s good to be relatively close to home okay so i am an advisor since there’s so many kids there’s so many colleges within six hours of mom and dad i think you can pick a very good one without going cross-country now i’m including six hours including a short flight you’re in new england you can get to chicago.

And add another hour for transportation and you’re you’re at northwestern or one of the good chicago area schools so northwestern is one of them so what you end up with is six hours total time in case mom and dad need to be on campus for you.

It’s not a bad way as an insurance policy save the cross country for grad school stay relatively close while you’re an undergrad.

Sorry that i don’t have much more but i hope these are somewhat eye-opening especially for parents doing this for the first time.

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