What time is the last season of Money Heist Netflix Season 5 in Pakistan today?

Heist Netflix
Last season of Money Heist

The fifth and final season of NetFlix‘s popular web series ‘Moneyheast’ will be released today across the world, including Pakistan.

According to media reports, the last season of popular web series ‘Money Hast’ will be released today at 1:45 pm Pakistan time.

The first volume of Money Heist Season 5 was released on September 3. In which 5 episodes were shown while the second and last part will be shown on 3rd December ie today.

Fans of the suspense-filled web series MoneyHeist are all over the world, which is also eagerly awaited.

Moneyheast was the most-watched series on Netflix, but recently the Korean series “Squid Game” snatched the honor from “Moneyheast” and made a name for itself.

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It should be noted that its fourth part, which was released on April 3 last year, was watched by 65 million people in one month and it is still included in the top ten web series.

In the last episode of the fourth season, the story was about the undefeated professor being exposed and caught red handed.

Fans had to wait a year to see the professor’s next plans.

MoneyHeist is a Spanish television crime drama series, also known as Lacasa de Papal (House of Paper).

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