Pakistan to receive 2.5 million doses of Moderna vaccine from US

Pakistan 2.5 million doses
Moderna vaccine

Hundreds of Pakistanis Overseas Shipment to Reach Gulf, Demand for Vaccines Approved by Other Countries

KARACHI: The United States has announced that it will be shipping 2.5 million doses of modern vaccines to Pak.

The announcement was made by White House Press Secretary Jane Sackie on Monday.

“Thanks to the president’s commitment to play a key role in eradicating the epidemic everywhere, 2 million doses of the Pfizer vaccine will begin to ship from the United States to Peru, and 2.5 million doses of modern vaccines will ship to Pak. Will, “read a press briefing by Press Secretary Posaki.

The process of sending a consignment of modern vaccines to Pak has come to the fore during the protests of Pakistanis abroad who have not been able to get the vaccines approved by various countries.

Certificates of the Chinese-made Sinopharm and Sinovac vaccines are not accepted in Saudi Arabia and some other countries in the Middle East.

Saudi Arabia has updated its travel restrictions, which require Pfizer, Oster Zenica, Moderna and Johnson & Johnson to enter the state of health, despite approval from the World Health Organization. Sonovik left.

Disappointed overseas workers took control of the vaccine center

In Pakistan, most vaccines are Chinese, which prevents them from going abroad for work. Overseas Pakistanis have been asked to administer the Pfizer vaccine or AstraZeneca only.

On Monday, hundreds of frustrated people stormed a government-run corona vaccination center in the capital.

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Most of those claiming to be vaccinated against polio were Pakistanis working abroad, especially in the Gulf, who need a shot of the hard-to-find Aster Zenica vaccine to get there.

“We have a very limited capacity here, but for the past few days the center has been overwhelmed by those who want to travel abroad,” senior police official Farooq Amjad Butter told AFP.

Pakistan has so far vaccinated about 12 million people out of a population of 220 million in whole or in part, mostly with Chinese Sinopharm or Sinovac jabs.

Millions of Pakistanis work abroad, and their remittances are an important part of Pakistan’s economy and its foreign exchange reserves.

“It was not a protest or an attack,” Butter said, referring to the incident in which no one was injured.

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