How To Install Windows 11 without TPM 2.0 and Secure Boot | No ISO Modification Required

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How To Install Windows 11 without “>Secure Boot

hello guys today i’m here with a new blog and in this blog I’m gonna explain how to install windows 11 without tpm 2.0 and secure boot without any iso modification.

Previously a guide was published for installing windows 11 but due to modification in latest
windows 10 iso which is available on Microsoft site the guide may not work for everyone, so this guide requires no iso modification.

windows 11 usb
Bootable USB

At this point I’m assuming that you already have windows 11 usb ready download the file from link in description and copy the file and paste it to windows 11 bootable usb.

Now plug the usb to target system and boot to boot menu from boot menu select your usb followed
by uefi prefix and press enter to boot proceed with the installer and here you can see it says this
pc can’t run windows 11.

To fix this open command prompt by pressing shift plus f10 key on your

shift plus F10

keyboard type notepad in cmd and press enter key now click on file and then click on open click on this pc and then open windows 11 usb drive select all files from files of type drop down menu right click on bypass dpm and secure boot registry and click on merge confirm all the props and then close all the windows in windows setup click on back button.

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and then continue with the setup and now windows 11 is being installed continue with the setup this windows 11 has been successfully
installed so that was it hope you guys enjoyed the video if you have any question just comment down below thanks.

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