Now The US presidential election: Twitter, Facebook President if Trump can not take action on the misrepresentation Pakistani politicians ?

If you look at the tweets related to US President Trump’s presidential election on Twitter, you will often see the warning that ‘the information given in this tweet about the election may be misleading.

This message and other initiatives of this nature is part of the strategy of social media companies whose purpose is to ensure the transparency of the US presidential election.

After the 2016 US presidential powers from international media intervention in the selection of news and Cambridge aynalytka through social media companies like scandal, had to face criticism especially Facebook.

While the top leadership of the US intelligence before the US elections of 2020 had warned foreign powers open ‘or implicitly will encourage the American voters to vote for one candidate and refers to external forces Russia, China and Iran.

So Twitter to prevent the election from being controversial, was taking a number of measures announced by Facebook, YouTube and Tick tock.

False information on social media during the US presidential election, the following steps were taken by media companies to prevent the spread of false news and provocative content.

Media and civil society have strongly criticized Facebook’s role in the 2016 US presidential election, calling for serious steps to be taken to curb the spread of false news on its platform.

Mentioning the founder of Facebook Mark Berg has rejected the demands, saying that this kind of political statements to confirm Facebook not work and may constitute measures restrict freedom of expression.

But the media, post the claims of civil society and the growing pressure from the US Congress Facebook announced that he won on Facebook before the announcement of official results from any candidate in the 2020 election it will issue a warning that the counting of votes and the official results yet to be announced, as well.

Similarly, make sure that any side will continue to book this warning statements related to the election fraud that US laws and institutions the transparency of election candidates.

The amount of money spent, information relating to a candidate, political ads on Facebook have also been provided through the ‘library’ advertising to users.

It was also announced on Facebook that he was indefinitely banned all political asthrat in the United States after the November presidential election.

President Trump called to protest against the government after allegations of fraud in the election to “stop Facebook Steel ‘the’ election reports from people who made a number of groups called” Stop the theft blurred the went.

The more than three million people a day, according to the BBC report, the ban on Facebook groups which joined the group.

In May this year, Twitter’s president of Trump issued a warning first tweet that could be what it has been in more material false or misleading ‘and Twitter users access the photos with it, comment on it and he also restrict the facility to share.
In the future it will issue warnings on all tweets from Twitter since it was announced that could lead to spread false information about the US presidential election.

Since then are now limited to the Basque President Trump, issued this warning on their access numerous tweets his sons and members of his team.

It has been warned on several tweets now up to President Trump Election Day.

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Twitter also announced they will also look closely at the content and hashtags who incite violence and it will be immediately removed from the platform.


The Democratic candidate Joe Biden has provided false information to the lead provision results in a number of live streaming on YouTube channels, YouTube announced after voting in US elections to remove YouTube videos.

In addition to the warning that ‘the results of the US presidential election exit videos have not been yet.

Tick tock

Announced by the company Tick tock to the US presidential relevant to make the results false information or false news access will quickly be limited to our platform than it tick talk of the election of PLAILLY Farms is related warnings on every video that announced the official results have not yet been made.

Social media companies take steps to protect democratic values or restrict freedom of expression?

Social media companies have repeatedly stated in their policy statements that these steps are taken to ensure the protection of democracy and democratic values around the world, including in the United States.

But some analysts, including Mr. Trump blamed the criticism of these measures is that the measures constitute restrictions on freedom of expression and political activity and their goal is to discourage conservative views.


Why protect democracy in America?
The Media Matters for Democracy says the hja Kamran to work on Digital Rights Although social media companies the US presidential election are quite active against the spread of false information, but these measures is limited to the United States or Western countries.
He said that the spread of false information even bigger threat to democracy in countries like Pakistan and India as that of Western countries.

“When we saw that Twitter has issued a warning on the tweets in the United States, the Pakistani journalist Zahid Hussain shared provision false information to win Joe Biden before the results of the US presidential election not been removed and be released at any point. ”

Hja say because these companies due to these laws in the United States is to enforce strictly the Internet companies there are strict implementation of such measures, but Pakistan is not laws in countries such as whether or not to implement such following the implementation of the policies are not imported.

“Pakistani politicians and government members several times misrepresentation on Twitter and other social media websites but I know that social media companies because not taken any action on their statements if they did not ban them will be given.

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