WhatsApp introduces ‘disappearing’ feature 7 days later

WhatsApp messaging app from the ‘send messages disappear under the new option is being introduced, and users who received mobile message will automatically expire after seven days.

There are more than two billion users worldwide, WhatsApp and Facebook have ownership of this app. App messages through this option was told by management that would help keep private and confidential.

WhatsApp from also noted that want to keep the option of saving the users (if they automatically delete those messages to receive messages under) will take a screen shot of messages and any message, picture or video will be able to send any further.


WhatsApp This option will be introduced in late November for customers.

Said the company in a blog that posts will this erase option after seven days so it peace that the conversation will not exist forever, and with it you can not forget it. you’re talking about. “

Users will be able to have more privacy in April 2019 under which the Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg said the social network Facebook was reiterated to various changes.

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One of them was also suggested that consumers “will forever (forever) way to share content, including messages in their absence.


The company has the ongoing task of merging WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook Messenger.

Inspired by the company’s competitors messaging app introduced several features from Facebook was founded on the principle of the messages disappear.

Tech amazing, amazing what a journalist Ingrid London tweeted working to Crunch that WhatsApp took so long to introduce these features because it gets the status of option, which disappear in a day, year was introduced in 2017.

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